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RE: minimal mail config for firewall?

At 10:35 AM 6/15/00 -0400, Chris Mason wrote:
>I don't beleive sending mail from a host requires a SMTP daemon, only
>receiving mail is a security risk. However, I reserve the right to be wrong.

You are sort of right. You do not need a running SMTP daemon to send mail.
You do need a program on the host that is able to be invoked to speak SMTP
to the daemon at the receiving end. This can be one of the standard SMTP
programs (sendmail, qmail, exim, etc.) running in non-daemon mode (this is
the way host normally send mail, BTW), or a custom program, written in (say)
perl, that speaks SMTP itself.

If you use the mail queueing facility, you need an SMTP daemon running to
process the queue periodically (or, I suppose, you need to write something
that does this via cron).

This last is the biggest mistake I see on host that do not run SMTP daemons.
Mail that is not immediately deliverable sits in the queue (literally) forever.

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