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Re: ipac and ipchains

uniken wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I have a debian firewall box set up which I am using 2.2.14 kernel and
> ipchains for firewalling and masquerading. Everything is working fine, but
> now I want to set up ipchains. When I run ipacset, I get:
> root@asbestos:~# ipacset
> /usr/sbin/ipacset: cant read "/proc/net/ip_acct" - exit

ipacset is part of ipac package (ip accounting, `dpkg -S ipacset')
you don't need ipacset, just `man ipchains' and may god help you.

> and there is indeed no /proc/net/ip_acct. I presume this means that I need
> IP Accounting compiled into my kernel. However I can't find this option when
> I run make menuconfig. Most of the documentation with ipac mentions ipfw
> instead of ipchains. Does this mean that IP accounting is unavailable with
> 2.2 series kernels using ipchains? Anyone using any other package for
> accounting if this is true?

Well, I am sure it works, because I use it. the only reason I can think
up is missing /proc, but this most probably is not the case.

>From `man ipacset':
  ipacset reads config-file of, if omited, the file /etc/ipac.conf 
  and sets kernel ip accounting rules by calling the appropriate 
  control tool. The tools is ipfwadm(8) if you user linux kernel 
  version 2.0.* or ipchains(8) if you have linux 2.1.* or 2.2.*

Really hope that this helps. If not, just wait some time and some more
knowledgeble than me will jump in :)


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