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ipac and ipchains

Hi everyone,

I have a debian firewall box set up which I am using 2.2.14 kernel and
ipchains for firewalling and masquerading. Everything is working fine, but
now I want to set up ipchains. When I run ipacset, I get:

root@asbestos:~# ipacset
/usr/sbin/ipacset: cant read "/proc/net/ip_acct" - exit

and there is indeed no /proc/net/ip_acct. I presume this means that I need
IP Accounting compiled into my kernel. However I can't find this option when
I run make menuconfig. Most of the documentation with ipac mentions ipfw
instead of ipchains. Does this mean that IP accounting is unavailable with
2.2 series kernels using ipchains? Anyone using any other package for
accounting if this is true?



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