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Fwd: Re: Ifconfig and Ipchains

ifconfig eth0:1 netmask
route add -host dev eth0:1

Kevin  -  mailto:cog@iwz.com


> Hi!
> I just joined this list a few hours ago so, please don't scream if this
> question was asked yesterday.  So far, I have a nice little box set up with
> total connectivity to the outside world via my cable modem on Mac LC475
> w/68040  running kernel 2.2.10 but I want to share this connection with my
> other computer.  So, I ran ipchains -A forward -b -s 0.0.... and whatever
> and it returned without error.  So, then I went on to try and add the
> 'virtual' port for connectivity to the LAN on the same ethernet card
> because my cable modem and all computers are all plugged into one hub.
> But, for whatever reason, I can not, no matter how hard I try, how much I
> read or how many people I ask can I setup the ifconfig for the second
> 'virtual' interface. Could someone please give me an example line to add
> as device eth0.0.  And my other question, how do yo do port
> forwarding in ipchains, could I have an example for mapping ports 5545-5505
> to address

> Thanks in advance

> Marc

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