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Ifconfig and Ipchains

I just joined this list a few hours ago so, please don't scream if this
question was asked yesterday.  So far, I have a nice little box set up with
total connectivity to the outside world via my cable modem on Mac LC475
w/68040  running kernel 2.2.10 but I want to share this connection with my
other computer.  So, I ran ipchains -A forward -b -s 0.0.... and whatever
and it returned without error.  So, then I went on to try and add the
'virtual' port for connectivity to the LAN on the same ethernet card
because my cable modem and all computers are all plugged into one hub.
But, for whatever reason, I can not, no matter how hard I try, how much I
read or how many people I ask can I setup the ifconfig for the second
'virtual' interface. Could someone please give me an example line to add as device eth0.0.  And my other question, how do yo do port
forwarding in ipchains, could I have an example for mapping ports 5545-5505
to address

Thanks in advance


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