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Re: Non-routing IP addresses

On Tue, May 30, 2000 at 02:02:25PM -0600, Mullins, Ron wrote:
> 1. Do these private address increase security in any way?

NAT does, yes. But do not overestimate this.

> 2. Since we use NAT, no 11.x.x.x addresses get to the net, so is there any
> reason to switch, other than recommended convention?

Yes, because there are a lot of ways these addresses could be leaked. I do
not know your setup but common places would be email headers and http

> 3. Why are they "non-routing"? Or do my specs need an upgrade...and I'm
> talking glasses. I haven't seen anything other than "you should..." in the

A lot of routes on the internet do refuse to route these addresses. Just try
a traceroute for instance.

> 4. (possibly redundant) Does using a non-private IP behind a NAT break
> anything? (besides actually getting to real 11.x.x.x)

See above.

Hope this helps.

Michael Meskes
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