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Re: Non-routing IP addresses

On Tue, May 30, 2000 at 01:40:45PM -0700, Ray Olszewski wrote:
> >2. Since we use NAT, no 11.x.x.x addresses get to the net, so is there any
> >reason to switch, other than recommended convention?
> Yes. The reason you yourself suggest in question 4. I don't have a quick way
> to check if any addresses in are actually in use, though.

Well, according to the ARIN WHOIS at least, this Class A block is assigned to:

      DoD Intel Information Systems (NET-DODIIS)
      Defense Intelligence Agency
      Washington, DC 20301
      Netname: DODIIS
      Netblock: -
      Maintainer: DNIC
      DoD Network Information Center,   (MIL-HSTMST-ARIN)  HOSTMASTER@NIC.MIL
      (703) 821-6266 (800) 365-3642 (FAX) (703) 821-6161
      Record last updated on 26-Sep-1998.
      Database last updated on 30-May-2000 05:43:35 EDT.

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