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Re: Basic info on ports/services

On Tue, 30 May 2000, woofcow wrote:

> > Also, is there an online site where I can run a port scan at my own
> machine
> > (i.e. externally, since my firewalling rules are different for internal
> > machines)?  I know <http://www.grc.com> does that, but I have a suspicion
> > it's not checking all ports.
> can't help you with the other stuff, but there's a good online port scanner
> at http://www.cotse.com/refs.htm - near the bottom of the page.

Hi I went to this site www.cotse.com and found the portscanner at the
bottom of
the page. I pressed the port-scan button and saw in my syslog that a lot
of ports where scanned. 
After some minutes suddenly someone from ip tried to start
an ssh connection????? Is this for real???? Are there someone out there
who keeps an eye on this page for to find out a users ip-number?

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