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Re: Basic info on ports/services

Just get the nmap package and scan yourself.  You can get the .deb or get
a more up to date version at www.insecure.org
Good luck :)
ps if that doesn't work email me and I could scan you and email the
results if you'd like.

On Tue, 30 May 2000, woofcow wrote:

> > Also, is there an online site where I can run a port scan at my own
> machine
> > (i.e. externally, since my firewalling rules are different for internal
> > machines)?  I know <http://www.grc.com> does that, but I have a suspicion
> > it's not checking all ports.
> can't help you with the other stuff, but there's a good online port scanner
> at http://www.cotse.com/refs.htm - near the bottom of the page.
> hope that helps.
> woofcow
> woofcow@earthling.net
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