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Re: More spf questions (bug report?)

On Thu, Apr 13, 2000 at 01:08:43PM +0200, Michael Wood wrote:
> I think what he means is this:
> In the control channel, he sends the RETR command to download
> the file.  The data channel is opened up and the file starts
> downloading.  The downloading works fine, receiving data and
> sending ACKs.  While the data is getting transferred on the data
> channel, the command channel is idle.  Because the command
> channel is idle, the reverse rule expires for the command
> channel.

I see. There was some discussion about this on the upstream mailing list,
but I cannot access it right now since the upstream maintainer is moving and
taking the machine with him.

> The simplest solution I can think of is to install an FTP proxy
> server :)  Otherwise, is it possible to configure spf to get rid

And the best BTW. There are security holes for both active and passive ftp
through a firewall.

> of the reverse rule only when the connection is actually closed?
> You would probably need a timeout, though, but that could be set
> to a few hours or something, rather than 30 seconds.  Maybe this
> is the way it works already?

I'm not sure. And I'm too busy too dig into it right now. The code is not
that easy to read.

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