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Re: Keeping ip_masq_ftp loaded ?

En réponse à Bernd Eckenfels <lists@lina.inka.de>:

> On Thu, Feb 17, 2000 at 09:56:57PM +0000, Luc Stepniewski wrote:
> > I need to use ip_masq_ftp, so I insmod it. But after some time, it is
> removed
> > from memory (marked 'unused').
> is the module removed ot marked as unused? As long as you dont have a
> connection open the module is of course unsued (but not removed!). If
> you
> manually insmod a module it will only be removed from kerneld if you use
> the -k option in insmod.

The problem is not really that the modules gets unloaded automatically, the
problem is that it doesn't get loaded automatically when someone want to
do some ftp upload (that requires ip_masq_ftp).
That's the reason why I try to keep the ip_masq_ftp module loaded in memory
(but it doesn't :-(

Actually, what I do is to have just a line in one of the init files that just
do a 'insmod ip_masq_ftp' at boot time. It works fine UNTIL nobody does 
any ftp activity for some time. So, as you said, the modules get unloaded 
because it is not used. But if 5 minutes later someone want to do some ftp,
the module is not loaded anymore, and doesn't get loaded automatically (which
I guess is normal, how could the kernel guess that a ftp connection needs
that module ?).

Any way to keep it in memory, or make it load automatically ?


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