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Amanda Error via IPMasq...

Hey.  A little more on my problem.  I've uncovered the reason for the
error I had yesterday (quoted from the Amanda FAQ):

"7.2.5. ERROR [host darkroast.focalink.com: port 32851 not secure]:

amcheck and dumper must be setuid-root so that they can bind to secure
ports (in the 0-1023 range)"

Ok.  Recap of setup:

		[tapeserver] -----> [ipmasq] -----> [client]
udp port:	< 1024              > 60,000        10080

The tapeserver DOES have setuid-root on "amcheck" for the backup
group.  This will not affect, however, the ports that the gateway uses
for IP masquerading, which allocates a port > 60,000.  Is there any
way I can force the gateway to use a port below 1024 (which amanda
considers secure) for amcheck connections?



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