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Re: firewall/webserver combo

On Sun, 21 Mar 1999, "Simon Martin" <smartin@isys.cl> wrote:

> I am using a realtek RTL8039. This, by default, is a PnP device, i.e.
> you have to use the ISAPNP package, or set it up in non PnP mode.

I should get the RTL8039 up and running first, so I'll load  
isapnptools_1.16-4.1.deb and take a look at the docs.  Then I can move on  
to Ken Stanley's <buddha@ih8dos.com> suggestions.

Thanks for the pointers!

Of course, that still leaves the 3C900.  Any clues as to why it's not  
working either?  (Maybe it's a PnP device, too?)  I didn't notice any  
3C900-specific (or RTL8039) driver when I was installing the system.   
Maybe because the install doesn't recognize PnP devices?


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