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Re: firewall/webserver combo


I have had the exact problem, right down to the cable modem issue. Assuming you
have support for both these cards fully integrated into the kernel then you will
want to add an append line to LILO. You can get the exact syntax from the
Ethernet-HOWTO on your system. If you added your NICs as modules then you can
load them both like you would load any module. The error you are getting looks
like either you are not giving all the parameters needed, or something may be
misconfigured in the kernel (sorry Im not a programmer).

The solution I came up with so that Cable and Intranet can co-exist is to use
IP-Aliasing. I let the Cablemodem have eth0, then I added the two lines to my

/sbin/ifconfig eth0:0 xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
/sbin/route add -net xxx.xxx.xxx.0 eth0:0

(The x's are obviously my ip address.)

This may not be what you want, but it has worked for me for almost three weeks
straight with only one problem. ifconfig does not correctly report the packet use
for eth0:0, but that is where I use IP Packet Accounting (ipfwadm -A) to
compensate. ;-)

- Ken

Paul Tod Rieger wrote:

> I'd like to set up a P166 as a webserver connected to a cable modem.
> I'd also like the system to act as a firewall for my "intranet" (a
> NeXTstation, a print server, and eventually a w98/Linux box).
> The P166 has two NICs: RealTek RTL8039 and 3Com 3C900 Combo, both PCI.
> I'd like to connect the RTL8039 to the cable modem, and the 3C900 to my
> LAN.  The RTL8039 worked with the cable modem under w95, and the 3C900
> under Solaris-x86 7 (all on the P166).
> I did a floppy install of the current/stable/slink base system with all
> ip-masquerading modules in the kernel.  That went smoothly.
> But I see error messages when using "ifconfig eth0 ..." both at boot-up
> and as root: SIOCSIF{ADDR, NETMASK, and BRDADDR}: Operation not supported
> by device.
> The cable modem seems to see the RTL8039 as a valid connection
> (according to its status lights) but not the 3C900 (which is OK).
> Any ideas on how I can get Linux to at least accept the RTL8039 and
> eventually the 3C900?
> Thanks for any help!
> Tod
> prie@abl.com

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