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Re: Accessing machines behind a firewall

On Tue, 16 Mar 1999, Mike Schmitz wrote:

> I am helping out a local ISP who has a few NT boxes live on the internet
> serving up web pages.  We realize how insecure this is and would like to
> firewall them, allowing only web and/or ftp traffic.  Is this possible/
> desireable or does it just defeat the purpose of the firewall?

It's totally possible, and very desireable.  NT is notoriously hard to
really secure, particularly when open to the raw Internet ...  Even just
sticking a small router (Cisco 2500/1600) in front of them with some
strong ACLs in place would help.

Best of all, of course, would be a Debian/Linux firewall.  Any cheap old
486 laying around with 2 nics and a floppy would do the trick.  Take a
look at (sorry, don't have the URLs handy)

	Linux Router Project

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