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Re: Unattended package install.

> I'm writing a script to install several packages using "dpkg -i" on
> several machines and I'd like to set this up where it can be performed
> unattended.
> Some of the packages ask some questions during their installation
> and I was wondering if there was some way I could pass them the answers
> I'd like to use so they can go on and do their thing without any
> further care and feeding.....the answeres will be the same every time for
> this purpose.

You may try to include the following in your script:

dpkg -i somepackage.deb <<EOF
your answers
to the qustions 
you know will be asked

Hope it will work

Alex Y.
 _( )_
(     (o___           +-------------------------------------------+
 |      _ 7           |            Alexander Yukhimets            |
  \    (")            |       http://pages.nyu.edu/~aqy6633/      |
  /     \ \           +-------------------------------------------+

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