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Re: Unattended package install.

On Thu, Apr 02, 1998 at 09:22:04PM -0600, Henry Hollenberg wrote:

> I'm writing a script to install several packages using "dpkg -i" on
> several machines and I'd like to set this up where it can be performed
> unattended.
> Some of the packages ask some questions during their installation
> and I was wondering if there was some way I could pass them the answers
> I'd like to use so they can go on and do their thing without any
> further care and feeding.....the answeres will be the same every time for
> this purpose.

As far as I remember there were several approaches:

 . make all read routines a wrapper that looks up the answer in
   a database.

   Pro: The administrator could pre-specify the answers in this
        database ensuring that other machines get the proper setup

   Con: One needs to maintain such a database, autogenerate or

 . Let dpkg provide a variable DPKG_NON_INTERACTIVE if called with
   an additional switch --non-interactive and ensure that all
   installation scripts use pre-defined default values and don't
   query the user.

   Pro: easy to implement
        every maintainer may easily define appropriate defaults

   Con: needs addition to dpkg and dselect

I'm sure there are more proposals but I don't recall them.  I'd
appreciate if we could implement such a mechanism.



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