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Re: Down to 10 ?able packages.

	Henry Hollenberg     speed@barney.iamerica.net 

more QMAIL:

On Wed, 4 Mar 1998, Martin Schulze wrote:

> Grab the qmail.deb and look into it.


> > But, I would like clarification...what principle is at issue here:
> You mean priciple as general or principle with Qmail?
> > a) It's a "Bad Thing"?  (ie the source policy etc isn't free)
> It's not DFSG free.  I'd be very happy if that debwall would
> be completely DFSG complient.  I don't know about the policy
> and copyright of most of the tools.

Not sure of the "tools" you refer to.  I do think that DFSG is a very
important goal, but security is important also.  I know you like sendmail
but I'm still concerned about how we'll secure it.  I didn't think the TIS
ftk was DFSG either.

I guess in my mind I figured we could do this:

Use qmail for now if we can get both private and commercial use out of it.

Then, work on:

1) Getting qmails author straight -or-

2) Writing our own utilities to pass mail to sendmail similar to the TIS
   ftk setup.
> > b) It can't be used by a private individual? (I'm pretty sure it can.)
> You are not allowed to distribute Qmail.  Period.

Why couldn't we put
in our scripts and then proceed to have the firewall install routine
compile and load it on the system?

Then we're not distributing we're just assisting the download...we could
even put a "Would you like to download qmail from the maintainer's ftp
site at this time? Y/N/?" in the installation to make it for sure the
installers idea.

> > d) It can't be installed "unmodified" using an automated script?
> I don't understand this, too tired now?

My emphasis was on the "automated" part....I thought maybe he (Dan
Bernstein) wanted us to do it the install by hand or something crazy like

Hey man, it's some kind of late over there....go to bed....sometimes I
forget there's something like 8 hours beween us.

Good Night!    hgh

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