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Re: CAll for standard bastion smtp: ssmtp

On Tue, Mar 03, 1998 at 09:28:00PM -0600, Henry Hollenberg wrote:
> > On Tue, 3 Mar 1998, Tommi Virtanen wrote:
> > > 	I thought ssmtp is only for local -> smarthost? Certainly this
> > > 	would do no good for mail routing.
> > Exactly this is true. It is simple mail-forwarder.
> > It is only usable on a bastion if the bastion does not deliver mail.
> > For sending messages from the bastion to inside it could be the best
> > choice.
> From what I understand the bastion will recieve all mail for the
> network/firewall....then immediately forward the mail to a mail hub
> residing on a host on the internal (protected) network.  This system will
> then distribute the mail to all the internal hosts.
> In light of this dynamic....could not ssmtp handle simply forwarding all
> mail to one system?

	ssmtp has no methods of receiving mail as SMTP. It is only
	suitable for local clients injecting mail into smarthosts,
	and unreliable at that.
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