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Re: CAll for standard bastion smtp: ssmtp

	Henry Hollenberg     speed@barney.iamerica.net 

On Tue, 3 Mar 1998, Bernd Eckenfels wrote:

> The ssmtp cannot handle that stuff. SSMTP is only for getting Mail generated
> on the Firewall off to a mail-relay. This will be Mail like Cron Reports,
> Alerts and stuff. A Problem with this software is, that is has no queue. I
> think especially for Alerts and important reports this is a no-go-


> Another Solution can be "serialmail" from DJB (qmail). It can be used to make
> mail-queues and flush them to an external host. Then we only need a sendmail
> emulation (like ssmtp provides).

Many are strongly for but I've seen a few against.

> For Mail Proxy, I would suggest Optuse SMTPD (possibly in combination with
> ssmtp)

What do you mean by Mail Proxy?  Where can I read up on Optuse SMTPD?

> For Mail-Relays/Comm-Server I think qmail is one of the more
> secure solutions. But on the Other hand, the Comm-server Issue is outside
> the scope of the basic work we have to do here, therefore: no religious war
> on that topic.

Comm-server Issue?

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