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Re: question

Tomas Jareckas wrote:
  >    I installed Debian and now have problem:
  >    I need the sound card to start work, but I cant find source code
  >    (in howto doc given path /usr/scr/linux/drivers/sound is not
  >    correct)
  >    What should I do ?
  >    I have SoundBlaster AWE 32.
Sound drivers are not in the delivered kernel; you have to build your
own.  To do this you need the kernel-source package (which contains
the files you are wanting), and the kernel-package package, which you
can use to build and to make a Debian package out of your new kernel.

Read up carefully on how to build a kernel, and make absolutely sure that
you have a means of booting your old kernel, in case anything goes wrong.

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