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Re: modem

Eric Graham wrote:
  >i cant get my usrobotics sportster 28,800 to work with debian 2.0
  >and the modem works with a win95 system? how do i fix this?

First, you are insufficiently specific.  You should tell us in what way
it doesn't work; what programs you are using; what else you have tried;
what error messages (if any) you have seen.

You wouldn't ring up a doctor and say nothing but "I'm not feeling well"
... would you?

About modems:
Make sure it's not a 'Winmodem' - if it is, throw it in the bin; such modems
_need_ Windows to do their work for them.  There are no Linux drivers for
Winmodems and there never will be.

Read the Serial-HOWTO and the PPP-HOWTO.

Use minicom to talk to the modem; you should be able to type in `AT<return>'
and get back `OK'.

Turn on debugging in the dial-out software you are using.

Try the log-in process `by hand', through minicom.

Compare the dial-out log trace with what you saw in minicom; adjust your
configuration files to fit.

I have a web-page on the subject of configuring PPP and diald at

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