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Debian @ Eindhoven: T-DOSE this Saturday/Sunday

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Hi all,

The yearly T-DOSE event is being organized this weekend, see http://www.t-dose.org/

Geert Stappers already announced that Debian will get a booth ^W table there.

Access & parking is free for all. For booth staff there's a free lunch, and travel expenses can be reimbursed (contact me for details).

So: please shout if you're planning to be there, and especially if you're bringing some nice stuff to show.

Personally I'm planning to be there on Saturday only. I'll bring some DVDs to distribute, and probably also a demo machine with a smallish LCD screen. If anyone can bring a really large LCD, please do!

I've got _no_ flyers here. Did anyone take them home last year? Who? Where? Are there still enough, or should I print some more?

See you on Saturday!

Anne Bezemer

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