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Re: [NL] Open Source Summer Camp

On Fri, 30 Jun 2006, Frans Pop wrote:

> Hello all,
> I just stubled across an event in NL "Open Source Summer Camp" [1].
> It seems to me that we should try to have some Debian presence there.

> [1] http://www.mediaplaza.nl/mp.php/mediaplaza/agenda/agenda.php?id=108

Above is the July version; August happens to be the previous id:
(Which makes me wonder if the event wasn't just re-scheduled from August
to July...)

> Are there people already planning to attend? Anybody willing to help set 
> up a booth or do a Debian presentation?

Didn't hear of it before, and I'm not really inclined to go there.
AFAICS, there won't be booths at all, just "sessions" i.e. presentations
or workshops or the like.

> I'm willing to coordinate and can give a general presentation. I can also 
> provide a demo machine running Debian installations.

Assuming for the moment that there won't be booths, there doesn't seem to
be much need for coordination. If you want to give a presentation, you can
just go there and do it. But since this doesn't seem to be a "usual"
conference to me, I wouldn't expect the organizers to honor just every
presentation offer they get.

Oh, and speaking of the organizers: it's organized by the Department of
Economic Affairs (MinEZ), but I'd guess that the most useful first contact
would be via the NLUUG or NLLGG. However, do make sure that you actually
end up talking [yes, _talking_] to the exact ambtenaar that is responsible
for the presentation schedule, otherwise your request may just vanish...

Some more digging around the Department's website unearthed one document
that may, or may not be relevant to the upcoming events:

> Alexander: any goodies available near NL that we could use?

I have 10pcs Debian logo poster, A0 format (real eye-catcher), for loan or
sale, to be collected in Papendrecht. Also 3 or 4 Debian logo mugs were
left over from SANE2006, but I'm not sure if these would be useful for the
Summer Camp(s). And of course I can burn quantities of any CD or DVD that
you might like.

Best regards,

  Anne Bezemer

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