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[NL] Open Source Summer Camp

Hello all,

I just stubled across an event in NL "Open Source Summer Camp" [1].
It seems to me that we should try to have some Debian presence there.

Are there people already planning to attend? Anybody willing to help set 
up a booth or do a Debian presentation?
I'm willing to coordinate and can give a general presentation. I can also 
provide a demo machine running Debian installations.

According to the NLLGG website [2], there are actually two of these 
- 18/19 July (Tue/Wed)
- 16/17 August
I'm currently targeting the first; the second would be an option.

Alexander: any goodies available near NL that we could use?


[1] http://www.mediaplaza.nl/mp.php/mediaplaza/agenda/agenda.php?id=108
[2] http://www.nllgg.nl/

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