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Re: Delft Debian Booth, May 17th, @ SANE 2006

Op wo 19 apr 2006 om 01:30:14 +0200 schreef J.A. Bezemer:
> Further things we need:
> * Equipment on which to show off our splendid distribution. Anything will
>   do. The weirder, the better.
>   Apart from your own things:
>   - For anyone with some free time: there is a HP 9000 system offered for
>     showing at the Bazaar, to be collected in Eindhoven. May or may not
>     run, should have a Woody install, needs serial console (or minicom).

This one would need to be transported to Delft, too.  Anyone can arrange
a car for this?

>   - And to accompany the above: a nice original VGB11 serial terminal, to
>     be collected in Papendrecht.
>   Contact me if you're interested in playing around with these things.
> * Posters and flyers. Currently I don't have any available.

I have a small pile (1 cm) of (not the latest, but still usable) Debian
flyers left.  I'll bring these.  More of these, and newer ones, are
useful.  See http://debian-flyers.alioth.debian.org/ .



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