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Delft Debian Booth, May 17th, @ SANE 2006

  Invitation / Call For Help

  Debian Booth at SANE2006 Free Software Bazaar
  Delft, The Netherlands, TUDelft Aula Congress Centre
  Wednesday, May 17th 2006, 18:30 - 22:00 (local time = CEST)
  25+ projects/communities represented; free entrance, free parking!

Hi all,

Debian has been offered a booth at the Free Software Bazaar, which is part
of the week-long System Administration and Network Engineering Conference
(SANE), 2006 edition, in Delft, The Netherlands.

So, we need.. YOU! to staff the booth, and.. YOU! to visit us.

It's only a single evening, so you don't even need to take a day off.
And it's free; also travel expenses of booth staff will be reimbursed.

Debian developers AND users in the Netherlands and Belgium: please contact
me if you are willing to help -- but also if you can _not_ be present.
Otherwise I might just fail to resist the temptation and start pestering
you personally ;-)

Further things we need:

* Equipment on which to show off our splendid distribution. Anything will
  do. The weirder, the better.

  Apart from your own things:
  - For anyone with some free time: there is a HP 9000 system offered for
    showing at the Bazaar, to be collected in Eindhoven. May or may not
    run, should have a Woody install, needs serial console (or minicom).
  - And to accompany the above: a nice original VGB11 serial terminal, to
    be collected in Papendrecht.
  Contact me if you're interested in playing around with these things.

* Posters and flyers. Currently I don't have any available.

* A WiFi to wired gateway. There will be 802.11b/g, but I'm still

* We have a video projector ("beamer"), but nothing special to show.
  We need either a dedicated system/laptop, or some (long) VGA cables
  (projector has VGA pass-through).
  [Or, in case someone happens to have a nice presentation in MPEG or
  DivX, I can hook up my DVD player.]

* Ideas on _what_ to show on the equipment that you bring. Of course
  there's the "interesting" stuff like Firefox and OOo, but past
  experience has shown that "fun" stuff gives a much livelier booth.
  So, what (graphical!) games are playable with arrow keys only, have a
  learning curve <2sec and play time 1-5min, run on modest hardware, and
  are fun to show off?

More info and (links to) pictures:

See you in Delft,

  Anne Bezemer

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