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[lists.debian.nl] wireless in Amsterdam

I'll be in Amsterdam this weekend and I was wondering if there is free
wireless somewhere or an Internet cafe where I can either use wireless
or connect my laptop via Ethernet.  I guess I can look for open APs,
but it would be good to know what other options there are.  Does
anyone have good suggestions?

Unfortunately, I probably won't have time to meet up with people since
I'm going to Amsterdam with a friend from high school.  We haven't
seen each other much in the last years (hence the trip), so it would
probably be silly to arrange meetings with many other people.
However, if someone is dying to meet me, let me know and we'll arrange
something. (Maybe my friend would enjoy it anyway since he's a social
person and likes meeting people.)

(Sorry, I hope this is an appropriate question for this list since I'm
not actually arranging a meet-up; however, getting wireless access will
allow me to follow Debian related e-mail. ;)
Martin Michlmayr

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