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[debian.nl] [OT] Verkiezingen 2003 & IP

GroenLinks has an interesting position on open source:

I wasn't able to find any info on any of the other party
sites about their positions on issues of intellectual property
(intellectuele/intellectueel eigendomsrecht), open source
software, etc.  Do these parties _have_ any positions on these

Also, out of curiosity I looked up the party sites at netcraft.com:

VVD  www.vvd.nl             Microsoft IIS/5.0 Windows 2000
CDA  www.cda.nl             Microsoft IIS/5.0 Windows 2000
LPF  www.lijstpimfortuyn.nl Apache/1.3.27     Linux
D66  www.d66.nl             Apache/1.3.26     Solaris
PvdA www.pvda.nl            Apache/1.3.27     Linux
GL   www.groenlinks.nl      Apache/1.3.27     Linux
SP   www.sp.nl              Apache/1.3.27     FreeBSD

(www.lpf.nl is a porno site ... but it also runs on Linux :)

Thomas Hood <jdthood1@yahoo.co.uk>

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