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Re: [debian.nl] Fwd: Re: GPG keys exchange in Amsterdam.

On Mon, 2 Dec 2002 17:23, David Martínez Moreno wrote:
> > > new dutch (wannabe) maintainer here! I'm in amsterdam every day, so for
> > > me it doesn't really matter when.
> >
> > Well it sounds like Monday (tomorrow) will be good if David can make it.
> > Otherwise it'll be Thursday (or someone will miss out).
> 	Sorry, but today the course was intense and I couldn't read the mail
> properly.


> 	So if Wichert, Russell, Alex and the others can meet on Thursday, I have
> no objections. And we have more time to plan it.

Thursday is fine for me...

> 	Where? I'm in IBIS hotel, near Schiphol, and the course ends near 17.00,
> so I can be in Amsterdam at about 17.30 or 18.00.
> 	The place is your issue. It's your city, not mine.

I suggest the meeting point at Amsterdam CS.

Make sure you get a "dagretour" train ticket (return) that's second class.

For dinner there's the usual options of Japanese, het Melk Meid, de Portugees, 
and the place where Stephen Naarding bought us dinner (where they serve 
ostrich).  But we can discuss this at the meeting point (whoever arrives 
first gets to choose ;).

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