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[debian.nl] Weird Request


This is sort of a strange request and I am not sure if people will be 
able to fulfill it (interested to see) but I need a floppy disc. I 
don't want to buy a pack of 10 which is all I can find here... It would 
be great if someone can bring one if indeed anyone really has one. They 
are rare these days
> >That's fine.  Worst case scenario is that Biella is late.  If she's 
not there
> >at 16:00 then we'll just go back to the station (drunk) at 18:00 to 
> >her!
> >;)

SO, I am coming with Russel but I am tempted, very tempted to arrive 
late and be greeted by a group of drunk Debian developers.... Now that 
would be something to write about!

see you all soon.

> Okay, I will be there at four o'clock.
> There are /almost/ 3 slots in the carride Breda-Utrecht available.
> ( P & S reservered already two, so still one available )
> Geert St
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