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Re: [debian.nl] Debian Meetings


On Wed, Oct 16, 2002 at 11:04:07AM +0200, Ivo Timmermans wrote:

> biella wrote:
> > We realize that people are scattered all over the country so we thought 
> > that it might be a good idea to propose 2 dates and places so that 
> > people in different parts of the country can make it. The first 
> > proposal is for Saturday the 19th of October in Utrecht and the second 
> > is for the 25th of October in Enschede. This is not an either/or 
> > proposition but two seperate gatherings. 
> Like I said earlier, I will attend the meeting in Enschede.
> If anyone else from the western part of the country wants to go there,
> I'm travelling by car from Delft.

Same here, and I'd be glad to take your offer. I live in Rijswijk, so
that's close enough to Delft I'd say.



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