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[debian.nl] Debian Meetings


Gaby and Gabriella, two researchers who have met a number of you would 
like to know whether the .nl Debian developers are interested in 
getting together for a collective dinner/drinks and keysigning sometime 
in the next month while I am here visiting. 

We realize that people are scattered all over the country so we thought 
that it might be a good idea to propose 2 dates and places so that 
people in different parts of the country can make it. The first 
proposal is for Saturday the 19th of October in Utrecht and the second 
is for the 25th of October in Enschede. This is not an either/or 
proposition but two seperate gatherings. 

Email back to this list if you are interested and please cc me as I am 
not subscribed to the list. If there is enough interest for one or two 
of the dates, we can go ahead and plan for it more specifically.

Biella Coleman

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