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Mozilla release party in the Netherlands

Hi guys!

You might already have noticed that the 1.0 release of Mozilla is
expected to be released Real Soon Now (tm). To celebrate this, some
friends of mine are throwing a release party simultaneous (well, in
local time ;) ) with the official release party in San Fransisco.
Everyone is invited!

The party will take place at Wednesday June 12, from 21:00 hour (CEST of
course). It will be held in Café Van Ouds De Vriendschap at Het Wed in

Also, for the event, T-shirts will be created, which can be pre-ordered
at http://mozilla.A-Eskwdraat.nl/. At that page, you can also find more
info about the party.

If you intend to come, please register at
http://www.schnitzer.at/mozparty/#27, so that we can get an estimate how
many people will show up.

Hope te see you there!

Kind regards,
| Bas Zoetekouw                  | Si l'on sait exactement ce   |
|--------------------------------| que l'on va faire, a quoi    |
| zoetekw@phys.uu.nl             | bon le faire?                |
|    bas@A-Es2.uu.nl             |               Pablo Picasso  |

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