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Debian meeting this saturday

Hi all!

Please note that we we now have someone amongst us who doesn't
speak Dutch (Jim Mintha) I'm sending this in English.

Here are the final details on the meeting this saturday:

* We're meeting in Utrecht Central Station
* We'll meet at 18.00 under the big board with train information. You
  can't miss it, it's 10 by 10 meters of big blue screen
* From there we'll go into Utrecht to eat somewhere, grab a couple of
  beers (or whatever you like) and just be social.

The current list of people attending is:
  Wichert Akkerman
  Richard Braakman
  Joost Kooij
  Remco van de Meent
  Jim Mintha
  Barg Schuller
  Joop Stakenborg
  Bart Warmerdam
  Joost Witteveen

One of those sent me a mail he couldn't make it, but unfortunately I lost

I still haven't heard from Ray Dassen, Ardo van Rangelrooi or Paul Slootman
if they will be there.


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