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Participation in Lindependence 2008


we've received an invitation to participate in Lindependence 2008 that
takes place from June 4th to 11th in Felten, California, USA.  The
event is prepared by meetings and an installation party in May
already.  We've been invited to participate in all of them.

If there are Debian people in California who are interested in
participation, please get in touch with Larry Cafiero on your own.



----- Forwarded message from Larry Cafiero <lcafiero@fixedbylinux.com> -----

Date: Sat, 29 Mar 2008 21:45:44 -0800
From: Larry Cafiero <lcafiero@fixedbylinux.com>
To: events@debian.org
Subject: Invitation to participate in Lindependence 2008

   To the Debian community --

   My name is Larry Cafiero of HeliOS Solutions West, and I would like to
   invite you to participate in a project in which, together, we can uplift
   GNU/Linux and FOSS both locally, where I live and work, and uplift
   GNU/Linux and FOSS in your own communities whenever and wherever the
   project is repeated.
   Lindependence 2008 introduces GNU/Linux to the town of Felton, California
   -- about 6,000 people who live at the foot of the San Lorenzo Valley in
   Santa Cruz County, California. The plan behind Lindependence 2008 involves
   assisting those wishing to participate to go "proprietary free" for an
   entire week -- starting on Independence Day 2008 and running to July 11,
   2008 -- using their choice of distro and FOSS programs.
   I expect that most of the people who participate in this project will
   continue to stay "proprietary free" after the week is over, because they
   will discover what we already know: Linux, FOSS and the freedom to choose
   in our digital pursuits far outweigh the digital hegemony provided by the
   digital mandarins in Redmond and Cupertino.
   A bit of history: Lindependence 2008 has been underway since last autumn,
   when I established HeliOS Solutions West as an evangelical springboard for
   spreading the FOSS gospel on the central California coast. The project
   reached fruition after lengthy discussions with The Tux Project and other
   FOSS advocates. The idea for the project takes its cue from a recent Nikon
   television ad campaign, where the Japanese camera maker gave digital
   cameras to a small town in South Carolina and promoted the results.
   Replacing cameras with LiveCDs and thumb drives, this project introduces
   people to GNU/Linux and FOSS programs and allows them a chance to have a
   computing experience that we all have and that we all know is superior to
   what most people are forced to use because they're unaware that they have
   Currently, town meetings and installfests are planned to be held during
   May and June of this year to familiarize the people in Felton with
   GNU/Linux and FOSS programs and, as stated, those who participate start a
   week of GNU/Linux and FOSS use from July 4 through July 11, and possibly
   longer. We have the media involved and two documentary makers have already
   expressed an interest in taking footage in the area between now and July
   with the intention of making a documentary.
   Here's where you come in:
   -- Represent Debian: We invite Debian to have representatives at the
   meetings and installfests with LiveCDs or any accompanying materials you
   find useful. A schedule of events will be released sometime in April, and
   we would encourage Debian to have representatives on hand, whether from
   its main office or from local user groups
   -- The "d" word: We'd like to ask your permission to ask the Debian
   community for donations to help make this project work. Turning us down on
   this matter does not disqualify you from participating, but it would help
   us immensely. We have in place a mechanism where donors specify which
   distro they use and any remaining funds will be proportionately donated
   back to distros -- in other words, if 20 percent of the donations come
   from Debian users, 20 percent of the remaining funds would be donated back
   to Debian.

   -- Informing your community: I am asking for either a.) your permission to
   announce this on your forum to see if there is any interest in this
   project, or b.) your announcement of your support for this program, either
   internally on your forum and/or publicly in a press announcement that we
   will send to the media.
   You may have questions, observations and comments, and because this e-mail
   only scratches the surface, I welcome them. Please contact me with any
   questions, observations and comments at your convenience.
   Thank you for your time and I hope you will help us uplift Linux and FOSS
   going forward.
   Larry Cafiero
   HeliOS Solutions West
   6116 Highway 9, Suite 4B
   Felton, California 95018 U.S.A.


   Visible links
   1. mailto:lcafiero@fixedbylinux.com

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