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Time to apply for exhibition space in the .org pavilion is almost up

LinuxWorld Conference & Expo® Wants to Hear From You!

Time is Running Out on Your Chance to Apply to be in the .org Pavilion!

The LinuxWorld .org Pavilion
The .org Pavilion is your opportunity to exhibit your free open source software and open source projects. We are looking for projects that produce great software and can host an informative, helpful exhibit for our attendees. Projects use LinuxWorld Conference & Expo for many reasons: to answer questions from possible new users, distribute copies of software, solicit donations, and to sell project merchandise. Space in the .org Pavilion is free to accepted applicants.

If you have free software or an open source project you would like to exhibit then let us know!

The deadline for submitting for a .org Pavilion application is Friday, April 11, 2008

Submit proposal(s) here:


All accepted and rejected proposals will be notified in late May.

Event Information
The LinuxWorld Conference and Expo returns to the Moscone Center and is again collocated with the Next Generation Data Center Conference and Expo. LinuxWorld is designed specifically to cater to experienced Linux users looking to further their Linux and open source enterprise initiatives.

DATES: August 4-7, 2008

LOCATION: San Francisco, CA

We look forward to hearing from you soon!
The LinuxWorld Conference and Expo Management Team

For more information please contace Adam DeMattia: adam_demattia@idg.com

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