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ApacheCon US (San Diego)

I've talked to the organizers of ApacheCon, and volunteered to help
staff a Debian booth at ApacheCon.

I'd like to get some help staffing it if possible from other
developers and Debian users in the area.

The hours for the exposition floor are as follows:

Expo Hours are:

Set Up:
13:00-19:00 11 December
06:00-8:00 12 December

Exhibit Hours:
08:00-20:30 12 December
08:00-18:00 13-14 December

If you can help out at all, or know people in a local lug who can,
please let me know. I'd like to get the names and company affiliations
(I'll guess Debian for most) of people who are reasonably certain that
they can spend some time in the booth as soon as possible.

If you have machines that can be taken over or 17-19" LCD displays
that can be used during ApacheCon, please let me know as well.

I'm planning on forgoing the setup on the 11th, and using the morning
of the 12th to do whatever final setup is needed; I'll be driving down
from Riverside, so carpooling isn't a problem.

Don Armstrong

"People selling drug paraphernalia ... are as much a part of drug
trafficking as silencers are a part of criminal homicide."
 -- John Brown, DEA Chief

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