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Re: Great Mov9er Of Th4e W7eek ADNL. piquant

Be advised, I did not request this information and I do not wish to hear from you. As you can see you have been reported to ATT and the Federal Government. This action puts me on a campain to insure all I come in contact never do business with you or any one you represent. ----- Original Message ----- From: "taneka Bmethods" <ggmawglf@advancecylinder.com> To: <w.m.vickers@worldnet.att.net>; <w.m.ward@worldnet.att.net>; <wmwilliam@worldnet.att.net>
Sent: Friday, November 25, 2005 12:04 AM
Subject: Great Mov9er Of Th4e W7eek ADNL. piquant


     Investor Edge - High Return Picks
         Pick Of The Week Is ADNL

Hello members, this is our hot pick for
this week coming up. ADNL is on the move
into a Multi-Billion Advertising Marketing
Arena launching it's own Television Network.
The company is on the move, we give it
two-thumbs up. Get in early at a low of
16 and it can easily double, just came down
from .20 on Wednesday, a big promotion is
going all weekend for it! Don't miss out.
Our last picks returned a 323 percent gain!

+Ticker: ADNL . Pk
+Last_Trade: .14
+3 to 6 Day Expectations: .30 to .50
+6 Month Projections: 1.5O+
+Buy Level: Very High For 100+ Percent Return

Adrenaline Nation Entertainment, Inc. (ADNL)
Releases 2005 Business Update on Progress to Date.

CEO Reports on Adrenaline Nation's Broadband
Television Network, Its Strategic Direction,
Revenue Model, Programming and Branding Initiative

Sep 27, 2005 - The following was issued today by
Adrenaline Nation Entertainment, Inc. (ADNL.PK):
Adrenaline Nation Entertainment, Inc. is a Broadband
TV network connecting viewers and advertisers to
the coveted 18-49 year audience tremendous purchasing
power. Our programming highlights the hottest cutting
edge new music, independent films, extreme action,
adventure and motor sports all with strong local
community involvement and distributed to homes by
IPTV, Digital Cable, WiFi and High Definition.

Adrenaline Nation TV will provide our viewers with
a unique destination for authentic, informative
and entertaining programming. As a result, we
believe that our viewers tend to be more loyal and
will spend more time watching Adrenaline Nation
TV than other networks that offer entertainment
programming. We also believe that Adrenaline Nation
TV will become a desirable network for advertisers
of products and services used by our active adrenaline
culture enthusiasts. We believe our core audience is
divided 65% adult males between the ages of 18 and
54, and 35% females between the ages of 18 and 49,
an audience targeted by many advertisers.

Over the past 120 days -- We have made major strides
to reach our goal of becoming a leading Broadband
Television Network. Our Network's programming will
soon be available worldwide and over the next
several months our shareholders will see many more
exciting developments that we believe will ultimately
lead us to increased revenue generation and

min welshman

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