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[Fwd: Planning Community Based FOSS Event in NYC]

I received this as a board member of SCOSUG (Southern CT OpenSource
UserGroup).  I thought the event and meeting may interest the Debian
Events list and so I'm forwarding it along.

Please contact the sender directly as I'm only forwarding this as a
courtesy to them and you.  I will not forward any more of these
announcements unless requested to do so.

Sorry for the short notice but I just checked that mail folder today.  


-----Forwarded Message-----

> From: lo+nyev@eskimo.com
> To: info@scosug.org
> Subject: scosug-wheel: Planning Community Based FOSS Event in NYC
> Date: 04 Feb 2004 20:40:59 -0800
> This letter is to inform you and your group's members about current
> plans to try and organize a community based replacement for LinuxWorld
> in NYC.  This community driven effort is being organized in NYC and will
> consist of trying to create annual regional FOSS event somewhat
> analogous to "LinuxTag" in Germany, with both speaker tracks that are
> fully open to the public and drawn from the community at large, and
> exhibit space for both commercial and non-commercial entities to use.
> Currently, we are asking for those interested in participating in this
> effort to appoint two delegates.  These delegates will meet in NYC on
> Sunday, February 8th, 2004 (see details below) to elect an event
> committee.  Each delegate so designated will be given one vote.  The
> event committee so chosen will then be empowered to plan and organize
> this event, currently planned for the summer of 2005.
> By having delegates from interested parties choose to select the event
> committee, it is hoped to have a committee that can count on broad
> community support and legitimacy for their efforts, for working with
> corporate sponsors where nessisary, etc.
> We appreciate your time and patience in this effort.  Any questions can
> be referred to Lyn Ohira lo+nyev@eskimo.com
> David Sugar
> Lyn Ohira
> Gnubies
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> Meeting Details:
>     Time: Noon
>     Date: Sunday Feb. 8th
>     Place: The New Yorker Hotel, room 1560.
>     The New Yorker is between 34th
>       and 35th Streets on 8th Avenue.
> Location Details:
>     New Yorker Hotel
>     481 8th Ave New York, NY
>     (212-971-0101)
> mapquest:
> http://www.mapquest.com/maps/map.adp?latlongtype=internal&addtohistory=&latitude=Rd6AEuS47E4%3d&longitude=kpp
> Fallback Meeting Location:
>     Three Jewels Outreach Ctr
>     211 E 5th St New York, NY
>     (212-475-6650)
> mapquest:
> http://www.mapquest.com/maps/map.adp?latlongtype=internal&addtohistory=&latitude=JXYhEOEFUy4%3d&longitude=ucb

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