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Re: Debian booth at COMDEX?

> Matt Zimmerman wrote:
> > I might be able to be there, since I was planning a trip to Las Vegas
> > anyway.  How expensive is Internet access?  Would it be worthwhile to look
> > for potential sponsors to have Internet access in the booth?

See prior separate message.

Derek wrote:
> If you allow non Debian Developers to help man the booth please let me
> know.  I have been considering heading up to COMDEX this year and
> wouldn't mind donating some time.

I've never seen any restrictions that require booth staff to be Developers.

I can spend some time on the booth - but not much since I'm speaking etc.
That makes three part time people.  Should I request a table for Debian?

If requested to do so, I can bring a sufficiently old computer/monitor
that they may be left unattended, for demos and an unattended slideshow.
The machine has a wired network card, not a wireless one, so I can enable
ssh2 public key based remote access if we manage to get wired internet.

Thoughts ?

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