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Upcoming Events List


Here's another list of upcoming events in america (not just north
america) that cover Free Software in one way or another.  For some of
them a Debian participation is already planned, for others it isn't.
Please check the events pages (see bottom).  If you are interested in
giving a talk about Debian, holding a workshop covering Debian or
maintaining a Debian booth please let me know so it can be announced
properly on the events pages.

     Date     Name                                           City          Country     Conf Exhib
 Jun 5-6      International Free Software Convention         Porto Alegre  Brazil       x
 Jun 6-8      SummerCon                                      Pittsburgh    U.S.A.       x
 Jun 9-14     USENIX Annual Technical Conference             San Antonio   U.S.A.       x
 Jun 17-20    The Linux HPC Revolution                       Las Vegas     U.S.A.       x
 Jun 18-20    CeBIT America                                  New York      U.S.A.             x
 Jul 7-11     O'Reilly Open Source Conference                Portland      U.S.A.       x
 Jul 21-22    Linux Kernel Developers Summit                 Ottawa        Canada       x
 Jul 23-26    Ottawa Linux Symposium                         Ottawa        Canada       x     x
 Jul 29-Aug 2 Annual Tcl/Tk Conference                       Ann Arbor     U.S.A.       x
 Aug 4-5      LinuxWorld Conference and Expo                 San Francisco U.S.A.       x     x
 Aug 4-8      USENIX Security Symposium                      Washington    U.S.A.       x
 Sep 8-10     Recent Advances in Intrusion Detection         Pittsburgh    U.S.A.       x
 Sep 8-12     USENIX BSD Conference                          San Mateo     U.S.A.       x
 Oct 26-30    USENIX Systems Administration Conference       San Diego     U.S.A.       x
 Nov 22       Southern California Linux Expo                 Los Angeles   U.S.A.       x

Source: http://www.infodrom.org/Linux/calendar.html

Debian events: http://www.debian.org/events/



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