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Re: LinuxWorld, New York

On Mon, Jan 29, 2001 at 03:04:32PM -0500, Susan G. Kleinmann wrote:
> Jaldhar wrote:
> > How about one developer and one or more enthusiastic  users?  If we
> > asked on debian-user, we would probably get some responses.
> I, for one, encourage Jaldhar to go ahead and do just that, since otherwise
> we will definitely be short of manpower.
> Meantime, I'm cc'ing this to the list that Remco kindly set up for
> this dicussion, i.e.:  debian-events-na
> I hope we can continue this discussion on that list.  However, I do not
> know if that list is open to users.

I just cleared myself a day and can help out at the booth.  Whichever
day works out best for to be on duty, let me know.


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