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Re: [Event] 36C3 Aseembly


Yao Wei wrote:
> Like last year, I am preparing a booth for Debian people to gather:
>   https://wiki.debian.org/DebianEvents/de/2019/36C3

You say "booth" here, but the wiki page says partially "assembly" and
partially "booth" (the latter probably because the page is based on
the booth template).

>From my point of view, a booth and an assembly are two different

An assembly is the common group format at the Congress, but I think a
Debian _booth_ like on most fairs doesn't make that much sense at the

> If you want to publicly announce your presence, please update the wiki
> and put your name in it!

There's only a possibility to add a name to the booth presence, but
not for joining a meetup or assembly.

> Also, we are (probably) having an meetup during 36C3, and I am
> trying to reserve enough places to meet together!  We couldn't meet at
> the assembly place at 35C3 because we simply don't have enough seats.

I'd join a Debian/DFSG meetup, but I won't man a booth there as I --
as mentioned before -- doesn't see much sense in it.

Probably won't join the assembly as I'm already part of another
assembly (the CCC-CH Assembly aka the Swiss Village).

> And since I am from Taiwan,  I'd like to ask if any local member has a
> large print of Debian banners.  Last year the DebConf18 banner broke
> during shipping and it eventually being confiscated because of sponsor
> logo on it.

I can bring two (IIRC pure) Debian roll-up banners, a low-quality
smaller one and a better and bigger dark one, as well as two Debian
posters which can be pinned to non-concrete, non-metal walls.

		Regards, Axel
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