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[Event] 36C3 Aseembly


(This is forwarded from debian-user-german, and I was pointed out that
there's a list for EU events.  Sorry for those who see this mail twice.)

Like last year, I am preparing a booth for Debian people to gather:


If you want to publicly announce your presence, please update the wiki
and put your name in it!

Also, we are (probably) having an meetup during 36C3, and I am
trying to reserve enough places to meet together!  We couldn't meet at
the assembly place at 35C3 because we simply don't have enough seats.

And since I am from Taiwan,  I'd like to ask if any local member has a
large print of Debian banners.  Last year the DebConf18 banner broke
during shipping and it eventually being confiscated because of sponsor
logo on it.

See you at 36C3!
Yao Wei

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