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Poll: Possible DebianSchwarzwaldCamp in October

Hello everyone,

after the experiences of DebianS{un,now}Camp I eventually got the guts
to try this at another place, in south-west Germany. Previously I had
mentioned the idea a few times, more or less jokingly. Now it's getting
serious since I learned about a place that is somewhat simple but seems
otherwise a chance to good to miss.

Problem one: I haven't been there yet to get a personal impression.
This is going to change soon.

Problem two: Are there enough people willing to attend? Your call.

So in order to see whether this is feasible, I'd like to do a poll.
There are two potential dates, both Thursday through Sunday:

* Oct 11th-14th
* Oct 18th-21st

The poll page is at

So check if you'll likely attend, and your preferred date. Also mark
accordingly if you already know it will *not* be possible for you. Use
the question mark if you just cannot tell yet but are otherwise
interested. This is not binding, I just want a first impression.

If you don't trust that page or don't wish to make your interest
public, send me an e-mail instead.

Please reply by March 9th if possible.

Key features about the place:

* In the Black Forest, literally. Very quiet, last house at the road.

* Some 30 to 35 places, rooms have two beds, toilet and shower

* Two common rooms, kitchen

* Self-catering, a few restaurants in walkable distance

* Costs: Some 25 EUR/day, assuming 25 attendees
  Lunch and dinner not included.

* Location: South/High Black Forest, details to follow

* Distances (on the road)
  Freiburg im Breisgau: 40km
  Basel: 80km
  ZRH (Zürich airport): 80km

* Bus connection from Freiburg every 60 minutes.

Curious and excited,


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