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Re: OpenMindsClub


On Wed Mar 29, 2017 at 09:49:31 -0400, "Racim Boussa (Rass)" wrote:
>    ----
>    Hello Debian,
>    We are OpenMindsClub, a student club in the USTHB university in Algiers
>    (Algeria) which promotes the spirit of sharing and the philosophy of
>    free and OpenSource, "Free as in Freedom".
>    We have made it our battleground since the creation of the club in
>    March 2009. Since then, every year we organize our flagship event, The
>    GNU/Linux Install Party. The theme of the 8th edition which will take
>    place on April 29th is "Open Science", the aim will be to raise
>    awareness and introduce non-computer scientists to our philosophy.
>    We fundamentally oppose big sponsors due to the unethical stands most
>    companies have we thus fund the event ourselves.
>    That is why we solicit your help or any contribution or encouragement,
>    however symbolic.
>    it would be amazing if we were able to promote the Free Software
>    through tangible material like stickers, so we are wondering if Debian
>    coulld provide us such help to boost people's will and our credibility

I could send some english flyers of the following out by today:

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