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Hello Debian,

We are OpenMindsClub, a student club in the USTHB university in Algiers (Algeria) which promotes the spirit of sharing and the philosophy of free and OpenSource, "Free as in Freedom".
We have made it our battleground since the creation of the club in March 2009. Since then, every year we organize our flagship event, The GNU/Linux Install Party. The theme of the 8th edition which will take place on April 29th is "Open Science", the aim will be to raise awareness and introduce non-computer scientists to our philosophy.
We fundamentally oppose big sponsors due to the unethical stands most companies have we thus fund the event ourselves.

That is why we solicit your help or any contribution or encouragement, however symbolic.

it would be amazing if we were able to promote the Free Software through tangible material like stickers, so we are wondering if Debian coulld provide us such help to boost people's will and our credibility .

Thank you.

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