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Re: Linux Weekend'17 - 25 & 26 March in Tirana, Albania

Hi Daniel,

Kristi, Elio and I were at FSFE Summit. Great hearing from you again, hope to see you in Albania now. :)

If you need to pick one of the events, I would totally suggest you OSCAL. We definitely need some Debian presence there. Over 450 people attended OSCAL 2016 and we expect OSCAL 2017 to have over 500 attendees for both days, as it will be the 4th edition of the conference.

Next year we will talk in advance for Linux Weekend to let you more time to prepare for the event.

We would be really happy to host Debian talks and/or workshops at OSCAL, here is the link to apply: https://oscal.openlabs.cc/oscal-2017-call-for-proposals/

Also a more detailed presentation for sponsorships can be found here:

In the following, you can find the new sponsorship packages for the 2017 edition:

Best regards,

On 02/21/2017 03:05 PM, Daniel Pocock wrote:

On 20/02/17 22:57, Jona Azizaj wrote:
Hi there!

Jonafrom Open Labs Albania here, the very first Hackerspace in Tirana,
Albania. I'm reaching out to you regarding Linux Weekend 2017, the must
go event in Tirana for every open source geek held on the25th & 26th of
March 2017in Tirana, Albania, organized by Open Labs.

This will be the first edition of the conference, a brand new conference
in the city with two days totally dedicated to Linux operating system
and all it’s distros, and we expect more than 150 participants.

Hi Jona,

I had met some people from the Albanian community at the FSFE Summit and
FOSDEM and received information about the OSCAL'17[1] event on 13-14 May
2017 in Tirana

If somebody from Debian could operate a booth at only one of these
events, which would be the better choice?  Linux Weekend may be a bit
too soon.

At some events we have tried having a Mini-DebConf when multiple Debian
people can be there, this may simply involve having several
Debian-related talks scheduled consecutively in a single room.  Having a
Mini-DebConf would be one possible way to qualify for Debian sponsorship



1. https://oscal.openlabs.cc

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