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Re: Linux Weekend'17 - 25 & 26 March in Tirana, Albania

On 20/02/17 22:57, Jona Azizaj wrote:
> Hi there!
> Jonafrom Open Labs Albania here, the very first Hackerspace in Tirana,
> Albania. I'm reaching out to you regarding Linux Weekend 2017, the must
> go event in Tirana for every open source geek held on the25th & 26th of
> March 2017in Tirana, Albania, organized by Open Labs.
> This will be the first edition of the conference, a brand new conference
> in the city with two days totally dedicated to Linux operating system
> and all it’s distros, and we expect more than 150 participants.

Hi Jona,

I had met some people from the Albanian community at the FSFE Summit and
FOSDEM and received information about the OSCAL'17[1] event on 13-14 May
2017 in Tirana

If somebody from Debian could operate a booth at only one of these
events, which would be the better choice?  Linux Weekend may be a bit
too soon.

At some events we have tried having a Mini-DebConf when multiple Debian
people can be there, this may simply involve having several
Debian-related talks scheduled consecutively in a single room.  Having a
Mini-DebConf would be one possible way to qualify for Debian sponsorship



1. https://oscal.openlabs.cc

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